What Makes SuperFabric® So Super?

Any keen motorcyclist knows that a quality pair of jeans are a wardrobe staple. Comfort, durability and safety are vital, but the design element where most moto denim fails is style. Fortunately for us, SuperFabric exists.

As a team of riders, our goal was to create a collection of stylish jeans. However, protection is always our top priority. Once we’d decided to craft from premium Japanese denim, we started the search for a high-performing safety fabric to pair it with.

After extensive research and testing, we opted to use smart textile, SuperFabric® in our riding pants. It’s a material with many benefits, including versatility, which allows us to promise style-conscious riders that our jeans don’t compromise your safety. The spacing between the guard plates provides a level of flexibility and breathability. They are also small enough to keep most sharp objects from penetrating the fabric. Due to its high performance, it’s been used in NASA astronaut suits, bomb disposal suits and even suits worn by undercover agents. Here is everything else you need to know about SuperFabric®.

A brief history

In 1996 Dr Young-Hwa Kim produced an industry-first product that couldn’t be penetrated by a medical needle or surgical knife. Since then SuperFabric® materials have become integral to industrial, safety, sporting, clothing, and military applications to name a few.

The arrangement of tiny armour plates enhances the performance of the fabric by providing resistance to harsh elements. It’s uniquely flexible, even when used in multiple layers. Ultimately, all of these features allow us to craft the most comfortable moto apparel possible.

Overview of advantages

1. Durable

It’s long-lasting, even in harsh weather conditions and against tough terrain.

2. Unique

There is no other material like it in the world. 

3. Versatile

Can be used to craft various items from jeans to gloves. 

4. Performance

The material is water-resistant, breathable, stain-resistant, slash-resistant, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant. 

5. Design

It offers unlimited possibilities of colour and patterns.

on bike in middle of dirt road


1. Cut resistance 

SuperFabric® materials have tiny raised guard plates to divert sharp objects that would otherwise tear the underlying base fabric. These guard plates work as a protective barrier adding to the overall durability of the material by reducing damage to the fibres.

2. Abrasion resistance 

The guard plating of SuperFabric® provides a flexible armour. It also resists abrasion and protects the underlying base fabric from harsh elements. In addition, the guard plates don’t snag as knit fabrics can. Therefore, it also protects from additional injuries that often happen when material catch or pull.

3. Puncture resistance

Specific SuperFabric® materials are designed to protect against surgical and hypodermic needles, proving how hardwearing it can be. 

SuperFabric® is what makes our moto jeans robust enough for the daily grind and your adventures beyond. When you ride in Clutch Moto, you can be assured you look sharp, and you’re well protected. As a result, your focus can be solely on the open road in front of you.

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