Five Tips For Women Who Want To Ride Motorcycles

Five Tips For Women Who Want To Ride Motorcycles

From choosing your first bike to investing in the right moto gear, keep scrolling for some top tips.

Riding a motorcycle is the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground, and everyone should experience it. However, motorcycling can still feel like a male-dominated community that doesn’t always speak to women. Fortunately, more ladies are joining the ride, but there’s always room for improvement when it comes to inclusivity. We’ve partnered with our friends at Mutt Motorcycles Australia to share some advice on getting involved in the moto scene. 

1. Buy a learner-approved bike

Our friend’s at Mutt Motorcycles recommend starting on a smaller bike that you feel completely comfortable on. “It’s less about seat softness and more about your feet fully touching the floor. You want to feel secure; otherwise, you’ll fear falling over at every set of traffic lights. If a bike feels too heavy or even slightly too high, it can offset your confidence. It’s also a good idea to select a motorcycle with an engine displacement less than 500cc; you’ll still be able to ride at a good speed and you’ll feel more in control.” 

Mutt Motorcycles are great if you’re in the market for your first bike. The UK born brand has set up a workshop in Marrickville, Sydney that’s run by a team of friendly experts. Not only is their range learner-approved, but there are also endless opportunities for customisation. They’re light, stylish and the team are super approachable, ideal for anyone who’s at the beginning of their journey. 

Book a test ride at Mutt Motorcycles Sydney or find your nearest dealer in Australia. 

2. Set your bike up properly

Another important safety consideration is setting your bike up for your individual needs. Most good dealerships can help riders make small adjustments to their bike, which will ultimately make riding easier, more comfortable and safer.  

Think of it like getting in your car with the seat too far forward and the steering wheel too low.  It’s not only uncomfortable; it changes your ability to steer and use the foot pedals effectively.   

There are a range of adjustments that can be made so please consult your dealership, but the first steps are to look at things like the position/angle of brake and clutch levers, seat and suspension height, bar angle, the position of footpegs. All of which relate to how you control and stabilise the bike.

The list of bike modifications are endless and range from simple adjustments to significant customisation.  Fortunately, the design of most bikes allows for common adjustments without too much hassle.  Also, it’s easy to fall into the trap of customising your bike for aesthetics, but we suggest making the changes that most improve your riding skills first.  Fortunately, many modern bike manufacturers, like Mutt Motorcycles, offer new bikes that look killer and don’t sacrifice the performance.

The main point is everyone is physically different, and your bike should reflect that.  Making these changes can significantly improve how you feel, move and control the bike. 

Women's moto jeans. Female biker wearing Clutch Moto matriarch jeans while riding a Triumph motorcycle.

3. Join a club

Finding a community to ride with is a great way to boost your confidence and meet like-minded people who are passionate about motorbikes. There are so many great riding crews out there; you’re sure to find the right one for you on websites like Meet Up. Here are some around Australia:

4. Invest in protective gear

First, you’ll need to ensure you have a proper fitting, full-face helmet. But don’t stop at protecting your head. The apparel you wear is super important, you need to feel comfortable, but that shouldn’t mean compromising on style. At Clutch Moto we’ve been designing premium moto wear for men for a few years. Our learnings have helped us to create the ultimate pair of women’s motorcycle pants. 

Using the same combination of superior Japanese denim and SuperFabric, our newest jeans are just as safe but cut to flatter the female form. The boyfriend fit makes for a laidback and modern look, which have the added benefit of comfort. Find out more about the design process and safety features.

Now available for pre-order in black and indigo.

Top tip: Wearing a helmet is a necessity on the road, but they can also be tricky and uncomfortable for those with longer locks. To avoid messy hair and wind damage on the ends, consider using a conditioning oil before riding.

5. Relax and have fun

Build your confidence on roads that you know; this way, your sole focus can be your riding style. Avoid letting your body tense while you’re riding. Start by letting your arms and shoulders relax, and your elbows bend slightly to prevent muscle fatigue. Keep your shoulders back, a comfortable grip and remember to stretch off the bike. Above all else, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the ride. 

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