Designing The Ultimate Women’s Moto Jeans

Designing The Ultimate Women’s Moto Jeans

As we get ready to launch our first pair of motorcycle jeans for women, we’re sharing the story of how they came to be. Keep scrolling to learn how we’ve adapted a wardrobe staple and modified them to be biker chic. 

Initially, we approached the design of the women’s pants in the same way as the men’s. However, we quickly realised there were new elements to consider. 

Clutch Moto Women's Moto Jeans | Made for riding.

The initial design

Our first design was a slim fit. They looked great, yet their fit and function weren’t strong enough when we tested them in everyday riding positions. So, we looked at alternative design options, including stretch denim for a more flexible fit. Unfortunately, this presented problems when we applied our essential SuperFabric protection. 

Safety first

Compromising the protective properties of our pants wasn’t an option, so we knew we needed to look to looser styles. After exploring different jean designs we landed on the boyfriend cut. Not only did we like the laidback and modern look, but they also proved to be much more comfortable. However, to ensure a flexible fit we recognised the raw denim used in our men’s pants wouldn’t be suitable. Instead, they’re made from tech denim with a 2% elastin stretch, which is still premium quality and of Japanese origin.

Putting them to the test

One of our core values has always been to only produce what we’d be confident riding in. So we trialled prototypes of our pants with both female riders and non-riders. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive but also gave us cues for minor adjustments. 

Clutch Moto women's motorbike jeans | Standing with bike overlooking a Sydney beach.

Coming soon

Now we’re heading into production the wait is almost over. We’re looking forward to bringing our sisters on two wheels the most stylish, safe and purpose-built moto denim. If you want to be the first to know when they launch sign up to our emails.

In the meantime, you can shop our men’s denim collection.